EMNES Working Paper No 49


This paper seeks to study the migration dynamics of rural Moroccan women and, hence, to offer insights into from the new entrepreneurial process, so as to alleviate the effects of migration on both sending and receiving cities/countries. More specifically, the main objective is to develop anchored initiatives for rural women, in order to contribute to their welfare. Therefore, this paper endeavors to theoretically and empirically investigate the root causes of migration in rural exodus. In effect, the hypothesis behind the study assumes that if rural women are empowered through development initiatives to valorize and cement their traditional know-how – to generate financial independence to support both themselves and their families – they might potentially question their migration plans. Furthermore, this paper contributes to providing insights based on action research through an analysis of the immediate and mediate environment, using qualitative reasoning and/or systems thinking. Specific literature review, field visits, interviews, and real-case studies have been exploited to collect relevant data regarding the value chain.

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