Seifallah Sassi is an assistant professor of economics at University of Jendouba (Tunisia) and member of Laboratory of Applied Economics and Finance at the IHEC – University of Carthage (Tunisia). In this position, Sassi teaches and conducts research on macroeconomics. He holds a

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Ph.D in Economics from Aix-Marseille University (France). He has carried out research and consulting activities in the field of Economics modelling and Development Economics. He has published numerous articles internationally refereed academic journals. His research and publications focus on issues involving growth and development, labour economics, applied economics and macroeconomic modeling.

In EMNES, Seifallah Sassi contributes to the research area on macro-economic policies and employment. He is in charge to compile a database that includes sectoral data essentially employment and value added and he assist senior economist in order to prepare a comprehensive status reports that identify the trends of macroeconomic indicators, survey on employment policies and an assessment on the ability of Tunisian sectors to generate employment opportunities.


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