The research conducted by EMNES Researchers and Associates aims to design sound and innovative socio-economic models that are inclusive, sustainable and employment creative and to provide policy recommendations towards this goal.

EMNES research agenda is organized around the following seven mutually reinforcing and interconnected themes led by EMNES researchers:

  • Institutions and institutional reforms and their sequencing required to improve economic and political governance;
  • Private sector, micro, small and medium –sized enterprises development and entrepreneurship and social business;
  • Human capital development, education, innovation, skill mismatch and migration;
  • Macroeconomic policies and employment creation;
  • Labor markets, employment and employability;
  • Finance and the real economy;
  • Economic integration and inclusive economic liberalization policies;

EMNES research program is implemented in three stages:

  • The first stage – mainly qualitative descriptive research – strive to explore and assess the socio-economic inter-linkages of the drivers of the innovative, sustainable and inclusive development and growth models in the Mediterranean region and macro and micro levels of complementarities and synergies with the EU and other regions;
  • The second stage – mainly analytical research – is to test and develop, via theoretical and empirical scientific research, innovative thinking about new socio-economic development and growth models that are participative, inclusive, sustainable, sound and long-term employment generating;
  • The third stage – mainly policy-oriented research – is to provide policy recommendations and design full-fledged roadmaps to be shared with the policy makers under the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

The specific results expected from EMNES are to allow younger generation of researchers yet experts in their fields to develop their thinking and provide policy makers with a renewed vision for socio-economic development in the south Mediterranean countries, mainly focusing on employment creation, social inclusion, and sustainable development.

While EMNES is targeting mainly the Southern Mediterranean Countries (SMC), many northern Mediterranean countries can clearly benefit from the results of our studies on employment creation, inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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