Working papers 01/09/2023

Empirical analysis of inflation sources in Senegal

Moubarack Lo, Amaye Sy, Ibrahim Souleymane Amadou
EMANES Working Paper No 70
Working papers 29/10/2022

What Drives Business Cycles in Egypt? An Analysis of Coincident and Leading Indicators

Nourhan Hegazi, Diaa Noureldin, Chahir Zaki
EMANES Working Paper No 61
Working papers 13/05/2022

Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Inflation and Monetary Policy in Egypt

Athar Elnagger, Christian Richter
EMNES Working Paper No 55
Working papers 30/09/2021

The Unfinished Business of Stabilisation Programmes: A CGE Model of Egypt

City Eldeep, Chahir Zaki
EMNES Working Paper No 54
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