Working papers 02/11/2023

Global Value Chains Participation and Social Upgrading: Evidence from Developing Countries

Malak Hosny
EMANES Working Paper No 73
Working papers 11/09/2023

Revisiting TFP regional convergence in the EU

Georges Harb, Charbel Bassil, Zouheir El Sahli
EMANES Working Paper No 71
Working papers 26/06/2023

Deep Trade Agreements, Institutions and Global Value Chains: Evidence from Egypt

Fatma Aly, Chahir Zaki
EMANES Working Paper No 69
Working papers 28/04/2023

Aid for Trade and Export Performance of Recipient Countries: The Moderating Role of Institutions

Nora Aboushady, Georges Harb, Chahir Zaki
EMANES Working Paper No 68
Working papers 23/12/2022

Does the Depth of Trade Agreements Matter for Trade in Services?

Amélie Guillin, Isabelle Rabaud, Chahir Zaki
EMANES Working Paper No 63
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