Working papers 06/03/2023

Gender wage gap in the Tunisian labour market: An econometric analysis

Mehdi Ben Braham, Ameni Abid
EMANES Working Paper No 66
Working papers 27/02/2023

Fostering Decent Jobs in MENA Countries: Segmented Employment, Occupational Mobility and Formalising Informality

Philippe Adair, Vladimir Hlasny
EMANES Working Paper No 65
Policy papers 27/04/2021

How did Covid-19 Pandemic Impact Education in Egypt?

Marwa Biltagy
April 2021
Working papers 13/08/2020

Global Value Chains and Service Liberalisation: Do They Matter for Skill-Upgrading?

Marina Ehab, Chahir Zaki
EMNES Working Paper No 40
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