• The EU-Mediterranean and African Network for Economic Studies - EMANES is a very important network tackling policy relevant issues for the region

    Hala H. Elsaid
    Hala H. Elsaid Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform of Egypt
  • EMANES is dynamic network that strives to bring innovative ideas to build the new socio-economic model that is equitable, inclusive and sustainable for the future of the Euro-Mediterranean and beyond

    Prof. Rym Ayadi
    Prof. Rym Ayadi EMANES Scientific Director
  • EMANES is an inspirational space. It offers political scientists and economists with a much needed opportunity to think forward together, while addressing some of the most important problems of the Euro-Mediterranean region

    Prof. Cilja Harders
    Prof. Cilja Harders Otto-Suhr Institute for Political Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin
  • EMANES is a forum of independent researchers sharing experiences and engaged to develop innovative ideas and suggestions for a more inclusive socio-economic model in the Euro-Med area

    Rim Mouelhi
    Rim Mouelhi Professor, LEFA HEC Carthage, Tunisia
  • EMANES for me is not just the EU-Mediterranean and African Network for Economic Studies but it is more about: Embracing innovative approaches in research, Monitoring economic policies, Networking with a brilliantly diversified team, Empowering young economists and Strengthening research capacities. I am really lucky to be part of this network and I do really hope it will last as long as we are able to produce sound and policy-relevant research

    Chahir Zaki
    Chahir Zaki Associate Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University
  • EU-Mediterranean and African Network for Economic Studies is not only a network that provides high quality policy relevant research, it is a tool for empowering young multi-disciplinary researchers in the Mediterranean region, especially females

    Racha Ramadan
    Racha Ramadan Assistant Professor - Faculty of Economics and Political Science - Cairo University
  • EMANES genuinely brings together senior and junior researchers from countries on both shores of the Mediterranean, something having entailed a number of challenges in the process of building the network but that represents an opportunity of the utmost importance in a region where the youth has been all too often excluded from the formulation and implementation of policies, which in turn proved to be mutually beneficial for the countries involved only to a certain extent

    Emanuele Sessa
    Emanuele Sessa EMANES Assistant Scientific Coordinator
  • The  EU-Mediterranean and African Network for Economic Studies - EMANES provides an effective and dynamic network for researchers and economists of the region. It plays an important role in drawing policy implications for the region

    Aya Elewa
    Aya Elewa EMANES Fellow Researcher, Economics PhD
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