Working papers 20/09/2022

Would the Food Insecure Raise their Hands? Applying the case of Egypt in the era of COVID-19

Racha Ramadan
EMANES Working Paper No 59
Working papers 02/09/2022

The impact of regulatory capital pressure on profitability and risk: Evidence from Tunisian banks

Rim Zakraoui, Dorra Mezzez Hmaied
EMANES Working Paper No 58
Working papers 13/05/2022

The role of cooperatives in enhancing social and economic inclusion: determinants of turnover growth and survival under COVID-19

Najat El Mekkaoui, Sara Loukili
EMANES Working Paper No 56
Studies 06/12/2021

Financial Inclusion in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries

Rym Ayadi, Sandra Challita, Mais Sha’ban
EMEA - EMNES Study December 2021
Working papers 30/06/2021

On the Relationship between Financial Inclusion and Bank Performance

Thankom Arun, Claudia Girardone, Anna Sarkisyan, Mais Sha’ban,
EMNES Working Paper No 52
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