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We are very honored to announce that EMEA participates to the Brain Capital Initiative, which operates under OECD – NAEC (New Approaches to Economic Challenges) in cooperation with PRODEO Institute. Furthermore, the President of EMEA, Prof. Rym Ayadi, has been appointed in the Steering Committee of the Initiative.

The Brain Capital Initiative considers brain skills and brain health as an indispensable part of the knowledge economy. OECD – NAEC promotes this concept as an approach for thinking about the economy and how it works in new ways and is laying some of the groundwork, looking at relevant metrics and building up a network of interested actors in the medical field, neuroscience, philanthropy and business.

The initiative has entered a developmental phase examining the application of ideas from neuroscience and medicine to economic and social policy including topics such as productivity, gender equality, mental health, education and others.

Brain Capital Initiative Co-Leads:

  1. William Hynes DPhil, OECD
  2. Harris Eyre MD PhD, PRODEO Institute

Steering Committee:

  1. Husseini Manji MD, Johnson & Johnson
  2. Patrick Brannelly, Gates Ventures
  3. Rym Ayadi PhD, Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association and CASS Business School
  4. Marion Leboyer MD PhD, Fondation FondaMental
  5. Andrew S. Nevin DPhil, PWC Nigeria
  6. Cara Altimus PhD, Milken Institute

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