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The 14th Global Meeting of the National Transfer Accounts (NTA)* Network: Building Sustainable Generational Economies took place in Paris, University Paris Dauphine-PSL, from 14th to 17th of February 2023, bringing together around 150 participants from 40 countries.

The meeting was co-organized by Université Paris-Dauphine, UC Berkley, UNFPA and University of Hawaii. This event was an opportunity for researchers, experts and policy makers to present and discuss on how population growth and changing age structures influence macroeconomic performance, gender, generational equity, public finances, and to reach sustainable development goals.

Dr. Yeganeh Forouheshfar, Researcher at EMEA, participated at the session “Inequality and Distributional Issues”  and presented her research on the determinants of informality and transition to formal jobs in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan co-authored with  N. El Mekkaoui, University Paris Dauphine-PSL and senior research fellow at EMEA.

Prof. N. El Mekkaoui was also a member of the organisation committee of the meeting and introduced  the keynote speaker of the event, François Bayrou, High Commissioner for Planning, France; Former Minister of National Education and Minister of Justice, France.

*The goal of the National Transfer Accounts (NTA) project is to improve understanding of how population growth and changing population age structure influence economic growth, gender and generational equity, public finances, and other important features of the macro-economy. Research teams in more than 60 countries are constructing accounts that measure how people at each age produce, consume, and share resources, and save for the future. These accounts are designed to complement the UN System of National Accounts, population data, and other important economic and demographic indicators.

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