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Organised by the Centre for European Policy Studies – CEPS, one of Europe’s most independent and reputable think-tanks, Ideas Lab is the most high-profile annual event on policies of the European Union. The aim of Ideas Lab is to provide a high-level intellectual forum for exchanges concerning the wide range of current and pressing issues faced by the EU. Ideas Lab 2024 received over 900 registrations and almost 700 people participated.

The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA is a partner of CEPS and was again this year one of the sponsors of the event which took place at the Square Brussels, on 04-05 March 2024.

The EMEA team had the opportunity to discuss with the visitors at the booth of the Association, and present the EMEA publications, projects and initiatives. The EMEA team also attended the High-level debate on European Parliament elections which took place at Bozar on 04 March 2024.

During the event Prof. Rym Ayadi, EMEA President and Senior CEPS Advisor participated in two high level sessions.

At the session “Towards resilient supply chains: assessing risks and preparing responses” on 04 March 2024, she highlighted:
“To achieve supply chain resilience in the face of conflicts, it is essential to build a system that is not only reactive but also proactive, capable of anticipating disruptions and adapting to them with agility.

This requires a multifaceted approach: diversifying supply sources and routes to reduce dependency on any single point of failure; investing in technology for real-time visibility and predictive analytics; fostering strong relationships with suppliers and partners through collaborative risk management; and embedding flexibility into every layer of the supply chain, from procurement to distribution.

Ultimately, resilience is about turning challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth, ensuring that when faced with conflict, the supply chain doesn’t just survive but thrives.”

Furthermore, in her intervention at the session “Will EU-Africa partnerships on critical raw materials work?”, on 05 March 2024, Prof. Ayadi underlined:

“In redefining the EU-Africa partnership on critical raw materials (CRM), transitioning from extraction to regeneration, embedding a holistic approach that champions not only economic prosperity but also the vital conservation of our planet’s climate and biodiversity.

This transformative journey towards sustainable and regenerative practices in the sourcing and utilization of critical raw materials underscores global shared commitment to a future where economic growth and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

By prioritizing climate action and biodiversity conservation within ongoing and future collaboration, it is essential to ensure that the partnership serves as a beacon for win-win solutions — where the prosperity of the economies does not come at the expense of our planet.

Together, the EU and Africa must forge a path that connects the imperative of critical raw material development with the urgent need to safeguard our environment, setting a global standard for responsible and conscientious resource management that benefits all of humanity and preserves the natural world for future generations.”

The EMEA team at CEPS Ideas Lab 2024 consisted of Prof. Rym Ayadi, Yeganeh Forouheshfar, George Christopoulos, and Elena Stotts-Lee.

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