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The launch of the CBR Conducts Cost Project has grabbed the attention of several economic portals around the world. Over 10 specialized economic sites mention the findings of the project’s report, highlighting that from January 2008 to December 2018, 20 of the world’s largest banks have paid more than £ 377 billion in misconduct costs. US banks paid £ 202.5 billion, or about 55% of those costs. UK banks paid £ 86.09 billion, twice as much as euro area banks (£ 41.31 billion) and Swiss banks (£ 40.19 billion).

Among the portals that presented the first results of the CBR Conducts Cost Project were S&P Global Market Intelligence, Institutional Money, Milano Finanza, Finyear and France Transaction.

The CBR Conducts Cost Project was launched during the webinar “Monitoring Misconduct: Maintaining and Developing Banking Standards” which was organised by the Centre for Banking Research (CBR) of the Business School (formerly Cass), in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA).

Keynote speaker of the event was José Manuel Campa, Chair of the European Banking Authority (EBA), with Prof. Barbara Casu, Director of the Centre for Banking Research and Professor of Banking and Finance at The Business School (formerly Cass), and Prof. Rym Ayadi, Banking Stakeholders Group of the European Banking Authority, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, and Honorary Visiting Professor at the Business School (formerly Cass).

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