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We are pleased to inform that the policy brief Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure Beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic: Proposals for New Financing Models” has been published by the Task Force 7: Infrastructure Investment and Financing, of the T20.

The policy brief has been co-authored by Prof. Rym Ayadi – Professor at The Bayes Business School and President of EMEA, Dina Azhgaliyeva – Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), Tetsushi Sonobe – Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), and Nella Sri Hendriyetty – Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI).

The paper underlines that Infrastructure investment is indispensable for green and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, public funding has been limited due to the use of funds for the immediate needs of COVID-19 recovery, and private investors have also reshaped their investment profile to address the difficult circumstances.

Many enablers for boosting economic growth through infrastructure development have been identified during the pandemic, and government intervention is needed to harness their benefits. Such intervention includes well-designed stimulus packages, innovative financing instruments and improvements in governance. This policy brief will discuss these factors and provide recommendations that policy makers can utilise to accelerate economic growth through infrastructure development.

The Think 20 (T20) is an engagement group comprised of think tanks whose primary challenge is to add value to the G20 process with evidence-based public policy proposals.

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