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Economic Notes invites manuscripts containing original theoretical and empirical research for a special issue on “Social Inclusion and Mechanisms for Social Protection for the Mediterranean and Africa” and related topics, scheduled for publication in 2023.

Editor: Giovanni Ferri (Editor)

Guest Co-editor: Rym Ayadi (Bayes Business School, City University of London, EMEA and EMANES)

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As the world emerges from a global pandemic, calls for a resilient and sustainable recovery have intensified. The “Post-COVID 19” state of the world is to be built towards more resilience, sustainability, inclusion and equality, where all of these crucial requirements are further challenged by the international emergencies intensified by the war in Ukraine. These crises have shown that countries exhibiting socio-economic vulnerabilities prior to the pandemic had lower capacity to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and to withstand further external shocks. In other words, the countries that have built a resilient system via macro, fiscal, financial and social buffers, could better resist the pandemic and rebound.

Also, the context of pressing demographic dynamics, coupled with growing gender gaps, economic disparities, and persistent labor market challenges, bring to the forefront the necessity to find novel solutions that fit into the inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth agenda in the South Mediterranean and African region. During the last few decades, the share of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in the countries of the region has grown substantially, their potential for job creation and social inclusion has also been underscored. SSE units can be a key factor in improving the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. In these countries there is however evidence that safety net systems are either underdeveloped or inexistent.

This call for papers invites submissions of high-quality unpublished manuscripts on topics related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the transition to a resilient, equitable, inclusive and sustainable socio-economic growth in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa including, but not limited to:

  1. Social inclusion, equality and fight against poverty;
  2. Social protection, Household’s income gap and long-term care funding
  3. Role of digitalization and changes in local and global value chains and impacts on social enterprises;
  4. Emerging socio-economic, climate and environmental challenges and social inclusion;
  5. Social and solidarity economy and social innovation as a pillar of resilience of post COVID-19 pandemic and during the war in Ukraine;
  6. Social Enterprises and Social and Solidarity Economy Organizations in the Mediterranean and Africa;
  7. Reassessing poverty and inclusion through post-GDP indicators of national and social wellbeing;
  8. Social advancement in Europe, Mediterranean and Africa as part of the Sustainable transition triggered also by the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the UN.

Contributors wishing to participate in this thematic issue should submit their paper by May 31st 2023, using the Journal website and choosing “Special issue paper” option.

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