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The Economic Notes published the paper “Does income inequality really matter for credit booms?” in their November 2022 issue.

The paper has been co-authored by Prof. Rym Ayadi, President of the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association – EMEA, Director of EMANES and Professor at the Bayes Business School, Dr. Sami Ben Naceur, Deputy Division Chief of the African Division in the IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development (ICD), member of EMEA Expert Panel and member of EMANES Scientific Committee, and Dr. Sandra Challita, Associate Professor at ESDES Lyon Business School, EMEA Research Fellow and EMANES Coordinator.

The paper addresses the question whether income inequality is associated with credit booms, alongside other macroeconomic factors. It distinguishes between the different types of credit booms—real estate credit booms, household credit booms, firm credit booms and credit booms that turn into crises. It is based on the paper “Does income inequality really matter for credit booms?” published by EMANES.

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