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EMEA, in pursuit of academic excellence and fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, has launched a new series for seminars aiming to provide a dedicated space for its researchers to present their most recent research papers.

Each session of the seminars features the presentation of one research paper, followed by a thoughtful discussion led by an attributed discussant. This format is designed to provide constructive feedback, encouraging researchers to refine their work and contribute to the overall enhancement of academic quality within EMEA.

The fist seminar of the series took place on 20 February 2024 with the presentation of the paper entitled “Banks’ Diversity: Indices and Determinants” by Dr Sandra Challita and it was discussed my EMEA President Prof Rym Ayadi. The paper investigates the determinants of diversity and its impact on bank’s risk in Europe and suggests that countries with higher levels of financial development, lower restrictions on banking activities and lower private monitoring are more diverse.

By creating a forum where researchers become familiar with each other’s work, EMEA Seminars seek to enhance collaboration within the researchers in its network. Establishing connections between researchers from different disciplines can lead to innovative interdisciplinary projects and further enrich the intellectual fabric of EMEA.

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