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A new book under the title “”Macroeconomic Policy in Fragile States”, has been published by Oxford University Press. The book offers fresh analyses and perspectives from leading economists, academics, and practitioners. It explores the consequences of fragility for the formulation and implementation of macroeconomic policy in fragile states while identifying the causes and consequences of fragility.

The book has been co-authored by Ralph Chami, International Monetary Fund and member of the Advisory Board of EMEA and EMNES, Raphael Espinoza, Deputy Division Chief, International Monetary Fund, and Peter J. Montiel, Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. ’41 Professor of Economics, Williams College.

Dr. Chami highlighted that the book’s inspiration comes from his work on fragile states between 2009 and 2014, the period in which he witnessed, followed, and analyzed the Arab Spring as Head of MCD’s Regional Studies Division.

Ralph Chami is currently Assistant Director in the Institute for Capacity Development, International Monetary Fund. Most recently, he was Assistant Director and Mission Chief in the Middle East and Central Asia Department (MCD) where he oversaw surveillance and program work on fragile states: Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Yemen. Previously, he was the Chief of the Regional Studies Division in MCD. He is the recipient of the 2014 IMF Operational Excellence Award.

The book is available at Oxford University Press

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