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In 2019, EMEA joined forces with the Tunisian magazine Le Manager in order to support female entrepreneurs in participating in specific capacity building activities in benefit of their businesses. The “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” is an initiative of the magazine, which aims to support and to enhance the visibility of female entrepreneurs in Tunisia.

This initiative is aligned with one of EMEA activities mainly to support female and young entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean. Women and youth entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of an inclusive socio-economic model in the Mediterranean and Africa.

In April 2019, the EMEA prize for capacity building was given to the women entrepreneur winner the year. Ms Maroua Ben Ali, CEO of Herbéos, specialized in the manufacture of natural and organic cosmetic products, shared her experiences and impressions on EMEA Prize.

She expressed her gratitude to EMEA for facilitating and covering the costs of her participation in a professional training on cosmetics taking place in France in November 2019: “This training was very interesting to improve my skills and my knowledge in the field of cosmetics. During this training, I learned how to formulate creams, emulsions, foaming products with innovative stabilization techniques. I had the opportunity to meet people who have a lot of experience in this field. After this training, and thanks to what I learned, I already started to formulate new products and to expand our product line.”

She also emphasized that: “The Woman Entrepreneur Award made my project better known. The event was widely covered by the media in Tunisia. Many potential customers have contacted me to export our products. I had the honor of being invited by the Minister of Industry and ambassadors.”

She also encourages future applicants of the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Prize organized by le Manager to participate as “they will have the opportunity to have more notoriety and to promote their projects.”

Ms Ben Ali also shared a video in order to encourage future applicants to submit their projects:

EMEA will continue to support female and youth entrepreneurship. The governing board approved to provide the 2020 prize of the Women Entrepreneur Award organized in Tunisia on 25 February 2020.

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