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Call for Papers:
Annual SIGMA Research Symposium 2024 &
20th International Conference on Pensions, Insurance and Savings

We are delighted to open submissions for the Annual SIGMA Research Symposium 2024 and the 20th International Conference on Pensions, Insurance and Savings. This symposium aims to gather researchers of various fields to discuss the multifaceted challenges and innovations pertaining to “Ageing and Sustainable Development“. Please visit conference site for details and updates.

Date and Location

Date: May 23 & 24 (Thursday & Friday), 2024
Location: Renmin University of China (RUC), Beijing, China
*We adopt a hybrid manner: academic presentation will be in person, and policy panel will be in a hybrid format.

Themes and Topics

Under the theme of “Ageing and Sustainable Development“, the SIGMA Symposium and the 20th International Conference will encompass a broad spectrum of topics in the fields such as economics, demography, management, sociology, and public policy, including, but not limited to:

Global Trends and Disparities in Ageing
Describe the trends and disparities of global aging, and explain the reasons.

Social Integration and Inclusion in Ageing Societies
Discuss how to promote social integration and inclusion in an aging society, including topics such as intergenerational communication and social participation of the elderly.

Public Policy for Sustainable Ageing
Explore how countries can address the challenges of aging through public policies and achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Economic Impacts of Ageing
Explore the impact of population aging on the economy, including challenges and opportunities in the labor market, consumption patterns, and pension systems.

Workers’ Decisions and Corporate Strategies in an Ageing World
Investigate how workers re-examine their career paths and retirement plans and how companies adjust their strategies to adapt to market conditions.

Data, Metrics, and Research Methodologies Relating to Ageing
Explore methods such as data collection and analysis, empirical research, and case studies, aiming to better understand the actual situation of aging issues and formulate effective policies

Health and Healthcare in an Ageing World
Discuss innovative solutions and strategies to improve the health management and quality of life of the elderly in the context of aging.

Family Dynamics and Caregiving
Explore the interactions and responsibilities within a family system, particularly the role of caregiving and its impact on family members.

Technological Advancements and Their Role in Ageing Societies
Analyze how technological progress can help address issues brought about by aging, including smart homes, telemedicine, assistive technology, etc.

Urban Planning and Age-Friendly Cities
Explore how urban planning can adapt to the trend of aging and create an elderly-friendly city.

Environmental Sustainability in the Context of Ageing Populations
Discuss the impact of aging on environmental sustainability and how to consider the needs and contributions of the elderly in environmental policies.


We warmly welcome faculty members, researchers, post-doc and graduate students from all SIGMA member institutions and other institutions, as well as industry/community experts, policymakers.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline
February 1, 2024. Abstracts

Submission Email Address
Please submit to: and

Notification of Acceptance
February 2024. All submissions will undergo a rigorous peer review process by our panel of experts.

Final Paper or Presentation Material Submission Deadline
April 1, 2024.

Each presenter in the parallel sessions will be expected to be a discussant for another paper within the same session.

Fee Information

There are no registration fees for the Annual SIGMA Research Symposium 2024 and the 20th International Conference on Pensions, Insurance and Savings.

Meals will be provided by the organizers. Please note that travel, accommodation, and any other personal expenses will be the responsibility of the attendees.

Organizing Committee

The symposium and the 20th International Conference on Pensions, Insurance and Savings. are organized by the following institutions:

  • Renmin University of China
  • Hitotsubashi University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Université Paris Dauphine PSL, LEDa DIAL
  • Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA)

Additional information

For VISA, please contact: and


SIGMA is a network of universities established in 2015 to promote cooperation on research endeavours, teaching innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge in management and the social sciences. For more details, please visit the SIGMA website (

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