Mr Ilyas Azzioui is currently a PhD student in Entrepreneurship at Ibn Tofail University. He is also an associate researcher at IAV. He has an engineer diploma in agronomy, a Master degree in management (ISCAE) and a M.Sc. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from

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Manchester Business School, from the University of Manchester. He attended several trainings related to science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship management and evaluation. After one year of experience as a commercial engineer, he joined the National Center for Scientific and Technical Research (CNRST) in 2002.

He managed a national research program as well as international research cooperation programs from 2002 to 2006. He has been a member of the Moroccan Incubators Network (RMIE) since 2005. He is currently managing CNRST’s Diaspora Incubator in addition to European projects supporting cooperation between Morocco and EU in the fields of STI and FINCOME program to promote the contribution of highly skilled Moroccan Diaspora to the development of Morocco. Mr. Azzioui conducted and contributed to several studies and projects dealing with marketing, incubation, entrepreneurship, and innovation at national and international levels. He organized, contributed and chaired many national and international workshops and conferences addressing research, innovation, business incubation and entrepreneurship issues. Mr. Azzioui was the coordinator of the Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Space (EMIS) task force. He was a country correspondent of Erawatch the European Commission’s information platform on European and third countries national and regional research and innovation systems and policies.

Mr Azzioui is an active member, advisor and mentor at Startup Maroc the leading NGO supporting innovative startups in Morocco. He is also a mentor at The Moroccan banch of The Silico Valley accelerator called The Founder Institute He was an elected board Member of Middle East and North Africa Incubators Network (MENAinc) and a member of the international network called Science Parks and Innovation Centers Experts (SPICE group).

In EMNES, he contributes to the research area on private sector development and leads the entrepreneurship survey.


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