Fenet Bedaso is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at Trier University. Her research interest falls into applied microeconomics and labor economics, focusing on migration and gender.

In her research, Fenet examines the economic integration of refugees and other migrants in the German labor market, looking at the employment gap between natives and different immigrant groups. In addition, she investigates further consequences of integration into the society and workplace on trade union membership of immigrants.  Furthermore, she analyzed the role of occupational segregation on the gender wage gap and the effect of women‘s economic empowerment on intimate partner violence in Ethiopia.

Fenet Bedaso is also a Research Associate at the Institute of Labour Law and Industrial Relations at the European Union(IAAEU) since 2019  in Germany. Prior to this, she studied master of science in economics at the University of Trier (Germany) with a focus on labor economics, a master of business administration at Cavendish University (Uganda), and a bachelor of art in economics at the University of Jimma in Ethiopia.


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