Sanaa Zebakh has an agronomist background. She acted for more than 10 years as responsible of UE –Moroccan S&T cooperation within the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and Research. She was in charge of implementing the first Moroccan National Contact Point (NCP) in

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2005; and the thematic NCP’s in 2010. She participated in more than 22 projects (6FP and 7FP) related to food , agriculture and biotechnology, Health, ICT, ENV, mobility and international cooperation in S&T. In parallel, Mrs Zebakh was responsible of the Moroccan S&T Bilateral agreement with EU and neighboring policy for S&T and regional political S&T dialogue (GSO). Since 2010, she is the Director of International Cooperation at the Hassan II institute for agriculture and veterinary. She is in charge of negotiating and managing agreements and contracts at national and international level as well as monitoring capacity building programs and continuous training. She acted as an expert for FP7 proposals evaluation and expert of the “Evaluation of the Moroccan-UE cooperation in S&T ” in 2014. She has a particular interest of the knowledge economy and technology transfer in agriculture. In EMNES, she is the administrative leader of the IAV-Hassan II team.


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