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We are happy to announce that the EMNES paper “The asymmetric effects of 20 years of tariff reforms on Egyptian workers“, has been published by SpringerLink. The paper was co-authored by Giorgia Giovannetti, Vice President for international Relationships of the University of Florence, Professor of Economics at the University of Florence and member of EMNES Scientific Committee, Enrico Marvasi, Assistant Professor at the University of Florence and EMNES Fellow, and Arianna Vivoli, PhD student, University of Florence.

After more than two decades of trade liberalization, faced with deep structural problems which were exacerbated by the 2008 financial crisis and culminated in the 2011 Spring Revolution and government change, in 2016 Egypt started to protect some sectors from foreign competition.  This paper assesses how tariff reforms during the 1998–2018 period affected the Egyptian labour market by focusing on real wages and job stability (i.e. having a permanent position).

Link to SpringerLink publication

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