Racha Ramadan, is an assistant professor at the Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, where she did her undergraduate studies. She received her Ph.D. in Economics, in April 2010, from Toulouse School of Economics, under the supervision

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of Professor Alban Thomas.  During her stay in France (2004-2007 and 2008-2010), she worked as teaching assistant in Toulouse University I and as research assistant in Toulouse Business School. In 2008, she worked as research assistant in International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in Washington, D.C. for nine months. From August 2010 to 2015, she worked as an economic consultant for different international organizations such as the UNDP-Regional Office in Cairo, World Bank, UN-ESCWA and UN-FAO.  She was a visiting scholar in Hamburg University in Germany during October 2012 and in Chicago University Center in Paris from April 2013 to June 2013.  During the Spring semester of 2014, she was a visiting scholar at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Minnesota University. Her research interests include applied micro-econometrics on poverty, food security, gender and human development in Egypt and other developing countries.

In EMNES, she co-leads FEPS teams and contributes to the research on institutions, institutional reforms and social justice.


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